Choosing the right photographer for you.

Engaged couples, listen up!

Here are my 3 top tips for finding the right wedding photographer for you!

1 - Style
Do you like their photos? Seems obvious, but this is important, what a photographer is posting on socials and on their website is their style, you need to like the type of photos they take, and how they edit the photos. Afterall you wouldn’t go to Burger King and expect Mc Donalds chips

2 - Do you like them as a person?
This might sound weird, but your wedding day is quite long. Your photographer may be there from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. You will spend all day with them and share some pretty important moments with them too, so getting on with them is important. Meet your photographer, have a video call with them. if you think they could be the kind of person you would invite as a guest, great. If not, maybe you need to keep looking.

3 - Price.
Budgets are important and weddings can be expensive, so always check the pricing page on their website to see if they fit in your budget. If they do, great, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we can get pretty booked up early. If they don’t, don’t stress, there are plenty of photographers out there, one for every style, every budget.

Bonus tip - Are they experienced? Make sure their website has a full portfolio of real weddings. There are some amazing photographers out there with portfolios of wedding workshops that are stunning… but wedding days are fast paced and anything can happen with very little notice. If you book an experienced photographer you know they will get the shots no matter what comes their way!

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