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I have been a videographer full time for 4 years now. In that time I have build a diverse portfolio with emphasis on short form content. Whether that be for YouTube or keeping traditional formats short and engaging.


Why I Am Rude

Cambridgeshire Steps

Promo Video

Concept: George Wood

Poem: Sarah Dillon

Producer: George Wood

Director: George Wood

Cameraman: Tom Calton

Assistant: George Wood

Editor: George Wood

Sound Design: George Wood

That's Land Based Engineering

Agricultural Engineering Association

Promo Video aimed at School Leaders

Concept: George Wood

Script: George Wood

Animation: Andrew Bedford

Flood Prevention Conference

Cambridgeshire County Council

Event Coverage Highlights

Footage: George Wood

Editor: George Wood

Short Form Content


Working on pre-production, draft script writing, shooting & editing






Shooting & Directing


Concepts & Script Writing

Using Premiere Pro to edit rushes into engaging and valuable video assets. Colour grading the footage to give the best appearance possible and using Adobe audio tools to give the best sound possible.

Shooting in various environments and getting the best possible outcome. Working with talent of all levels to make people feel calm, comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Working around those concepts to find the right locations, talent and timings. Also selecting the right gear for the job, in terms of camera equipment, lighting and audio.

Taking loose ideas and forming a concept for the video. Building a narrative around the brief and from this creating an engaging and effective script.

George Wood



East Midlands, UK